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Nation, Tradition &



My 50-year campaign (1966 -2016)


  • By JK - King's Lynn

    Nation, Tradition and Liberty presents a comprehensive view of the main themes and developments of conservatism over the last fifty years, as seen from the standpoint of the traditionalist Right...the points are put incisevely holding those who wield power to account.

  • By AN - Midhurst, West Sussex

    I was delighted to receive your well-researched political memoir yesterday and thank you for sending me a copy.

  • By PW - Esher, Surrey

    I have had a brief look through and know I will enjoy reading it at leisure."

  • By AR - Deptford

    The memoir covers the period of the author's political activities from 1966 to 2016. A long-time activist he was a Conservative Councillor and Chariman of the Monday Clib and also stood as a parliamentary candidate.

  • By DT - Lincolnshire

    Handsomely prodcued and full of interest... congratulations on a notable achievement.

  • By GJ - Chelmsford

    Many thanks for sending me your memoirs - what an impressive tome.

  • By TJS - Salisbury

    Your book is a major political tract - extraodinary, and I doubt anyone else could have written it,

  • By MG - Oxford

    I have found your book very interesting reading.

  • By This England Magazine - Somerset

    In this lively new book, the author, a determined anti-EU federalist, details half a century spent on various good causes including politics, English sport in general and football in particular. With a detailed analysis of previous political events it makes compelling reading.

  • By IWF - Horton, S. Gloucs

    What a wonderful collation. What memories have been stirred. You are a true conservative as many who flaunt the banner are not.

  • By JM - Bawdeswell, Norfolk

    First impression is that this book is a most impressive piece of work. You must have spent many hours and days not onl writing it, but also carrying out so much detailed research and reference work.

Sam Swerling